I’m a medical student that loves to see the beauty in everything and in everyone. If you want to get to know me, type INFJ on Google. This is my 900-day journey towards becoming the best doctor I can be. I love God and I love making lasting friendships with people. I value quality over quantity. I am loyal, creative, an idealist and a visionary.

I like to think of myself as God’s precious daughter and that He will give me back my wings when my work here on Earth is done. The butterfly is my spirit animal and metamorphosis has always been constant in my life.

No, I don’t have a boyfriend but I’ve always been happy in God’s warm embrace and loving presence. God will send the right guy at the right time but now, I need to focus on studying and becoming a good doctor.

To the guy that I will someday cherish for the rest of my time in this temporary life, I want you to know that I’m constantly praying that you will come closer to God and be the man He wants you to be. Though I don’t  know your name yet, please know that I love you now and I always will. See you soon love.

You can join me in this 900 day challenge and see me grow into my best self. Thank you for connecting with me. Message me and tell me how life has been these days. Tell me about your life, the books you’ve read, realizations, music, your pet or anything you want to talk about, I’m here to listen and discuss ideas as well. I love meeting new people.

If you’re  a medical student like me, I’d be happy to know all about you. I have difficulty in retaining a lot of information so please feel free to share tips on studying, note taking, study habits and revising. I’ll be needing all the help I can have. I’m willing to share all my books and resources also, just ask. I’m looking for someone who can help me study better or help me become a better medical student. I’m serious with this 900 day challenge but I also know that I’ll be needing all the help I can receive from good medical students like you. The road to becoming a doctor can be lonely at times and I just want to know that I’m not alone in this. I’ll be waiting for your message, have a nice day friend. 🙂