895 days to MD: I’ll start writing again

I have always loved to write and it’s something I can’t stop doing. It doesn’t matter if it’s Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr or WordPress; I always have something good to share. The gifts that God has given us have its purpose and it would be such a waste if I didn’t develop mine.

I have decided on improving my writing skills since it’s one thing I’ll never get tired of doing. It doesnt matter wherever I am, can I still do it on the road. It’s convenient and easy to do.

I have lots of inspiring ideas which I believe, needs to be shared with the world. I live to create words that inspire the people who need encouragement. I feel happy when the words I say or write reach the hearts that need it. I’m happy when I make other people happy, through my own words.

Other people’s happiness and comfort bring me also the same amount of joy. It is with great pleasure that I may be used for God’s love and glory. I hope I can give back the love that the world needs through the words that I speak.

Words hold so much power in them, we should use them with more caution. It can heal and break hearts. It can give you opportunities and make you lose chances. It can end relationships and start new ones. The absence of words can mean the end of a year’s worth of conversation and starting a conversation can establish a lifelong friendship.

Words are so important. Many people tend to underestimate that. Let us all be aware of the words we speak and may everything we say be a source of healing for others.


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