894 days to MD: Writing is my Cure

There is healing in writing. For the people who haven’t tried it yet, you should. There is power in words that most people haven’t discovered yet. Your words can echo through centruries if properly preserved or they can be forgotten easily if not written.

For me, writing is my therapy, my outlet. I can organize the words I want to convey with such eloquence and still be able to convey what I want to express, respectively. Most misunderstandings come from the wrong way of saying words. To avoid that mistake, I prefer to write out how I feel instead of carelessly saying them.

Words mean so much to me. I take what people say seriously, being hung up on what I just heard. I love to contemplate on words and I love to use them to express how I feel. I prefer writing over speaking because in writing, I get to organize my thoughts and use it to speak in an orderly manner.

Writing helps me think and sort out my thoughts properly. It gives me clarity and depth. It helps me dig deep within my heart all the pain I’ve been hiding and the tears I’ve never cried. It helps me be true to myself and prevent me from living in denial.

What we all feel is valid. There are no invalid emotions. We deserve to be understood.


Writing helps me heal all these emotional wounds that other people have caused. Their apology would have made things a little bit easier, but since I don’t get apologies often, writing releases me from some of the pain.

For those whose hearts are hurting, I suggest that you write out all your emotions. No one has to read them if you dont want it out into the public. You can burn the paper afterwards, it also helps with the pain. It’s like taking the pain out of your heart and burning it all into ashes.

There’s beauty in writing and it can heal hurting souls. Writing is my cure and it can be yours too. Try it, then come back here and tell me all about your writing experience.


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