It’s time to begin

My 900-day journey of being a medical student to becoming a good doctor starts tonight.


Beginnings are always scary. I’ve always been reluctant to start something new; but this is one decision I have to make because it involves my future.



4 thoughts on “It’s time to begin

  1. I love your spirit, your about was just so beautiful! May God establish you in all his ways and ensure the purpose he has given you to come to pass! It’s great finding another Christian blogger on this platform, and even better a medical student! I wish you all the best x

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    1. Awwe, thank you! You made my day. Those were just my thoughts. Medschool is hard and sometimes it drains the life out of me. But with God by my side, I am able to do what is required. Without Him, I dont know where I can find the strength to go on with this. I wish you all the best too. We can do this 🙂 Happy hearts day!

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